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About Sexy Standups!

In life there are those who dream of being a Agent for gorgeous women; This business is the closest I’m going to get. I now represent some of the Sexiest Women on the Internet,,(so what if they’re cardboard). Sexystandups.com is the producer and talent agency all in one company and I am head of the studio.( big Smile)

I have the greatest selection of LifeSize Cardboard Cut-Outs of sexy women in the world.

It all started one night… I made a party and had a few of my famous friends attend. All my other guests were shocked that I was so connected to these stunning women. They kept asking me if I could introduce them to these and other Stunning Beauties.

Well I told them that I could not only introduce them to some of these amazing models, but I could have them in their home or office. Anytime.

And you could also. Call now Operators are standing by.